When it comes to selling houses, to achieve the best price, kerb appeal is a must. Now admittedly, not every house is as pretty as a picture, but even an ugly duckling can be spruced up to make the most of what you’ve got. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder 'n' all that!

If you’re thinking of coming to market imminently, put yourself in a buyers shoes and take a subjective look at your home from the kerbside. You may be surprised at what you see, and it may remind you of those nagging jobs that you’ve been putting off!

Nottingham house with no kerb appeal

(wheelie bins and weeds don't tend to be top of buyers shopping lists) 

Make a note of what you think you need to change, or even better, take a few pictures and compare yours to other houses that you like on Rightmove – How does it compare?

It might not come as a surprise that buyers of premium houses in Mapperley Park expect premium presentation, but the all-important kerb appeal can often be overlooked at the expense of interior décor.

Take a photograph yourself and imagine you're a buyer.

It’s what thousands of potential buyers will see on the internet, so it needs to be spot-on. Take a picture of your house from the road at the best time of day – when the sun is low and facing the house. Make a note of the best time to gather that picture, and then try and imagine what a potential buyer will see. Other than the paintwork, which will obviously be spick and span, wont it, do the chimney stacks need pointing? Are there any loose slates, or is the aerial at a jaunty angle? Does the garden need attention, and is the drive free of moss? Well-tended gardens, nicely stocked pots, and hanging baskets can really help create a great 1st impression and will drive more visitors to your advertisement and drive viewers through the door

Kerb appeal is super important. Your mission is to make your home best in show. Take a look at the neighbours properties and see if you can make yours look better. Re-house the bins, have the windows cleaned, and jet-wash the driveway. Add an attractive outside lamp maybe, or position some storm lamps ifd they're appropriate. Try and imagine what your buyer will see - the first impression really does count.

Here are our 5 top things that put buyers off.

1) Flaking paint to doors and windows
2) Overgrown and unkempt gardens
3) Damaged or blown render
4) Broken gates, fences, and crumbling walls
5) Wheelie Bins with large painted-on numbers

Happy gardening, painting, and jet washing...


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