This month, as its autumn and the streets are full of leaves, we have a guest blog from Danny Iwanejko from DJI Property Services. We have worked with DJI for a number of years now and find Danny to be reliable and trustworthy. We use them for the majority of our roofing, chimney, and gutter repairs....

Danny DJI

November is one of my favourite months of the year. It’s when you get your winter coat back out, and the season changes dramatically. Bonfire night comes and goes, and Christmas is just around the corner. The colours of the trees can be striking and it’s made all the more special as you know it could be gone tomorrow if the wind gets up. And, is it just me, but who can resist kicking up crisp dry leaves as you walk down to the pub, or take the dog out for a constitutional.

Mapperley Park in particular is stunning at this time of year with beautiful leafy tree lined avenues and handsome Victorian properties, it’s not difficult to imagine why the area has such an endearing appeal to those living there. Pretty as those leaves are however, their appeal starts to wain as the rains come down and the leaves take on a new life as substitute banana skins and temporary drain covers. In Conservation areas particularly, the leaves can go from hero to zero pretty quickly, so you need a plan of attack…

Let's face it, we can all think of hundreds of other things we would rather spend our time & our hard earned money on rather than clearing up leaves from paths and driveways, and that’s before we even consider the ones on the roof. You’d be surprised by the number of calls we get from homeowners that have got leaks caused primarily by blocked gutters. Ignoring a blocked gutter can be a costly experience. It’s not just the fact that you get soaked as you walk past, it’s more the damage it is causing by water pouring down masonry creating damp patches that can take months to dry out.

Gutters left blocked up can rapidly worsen, costing far more in the long term. Water needs to escape and be directed to drains or a soak-away or it can damage masonry, cause penetrating damp & harmful efflorescent salt build-ups. Having gutters cleared isn’t as expensive as you might think, and it’s something we cover in our FAQ’s. Adding gutter clearance to your annual, or bi-annual maintenance plan is something we always recommend, particularly if you are surrounded by a lot of trees.

One thing you should also contemplate is roof maintenance. The roof of your house takes the full force of the weather, and things obviously deteriorate over time. A roof maintenance survey is something we recommend and we can do it at the same time as we look at your gutters – we will do a basic inspection included in the price and we’re happy to quote for a more detailed survey if you wish. We don’t just make things up either. We’ll take photographs whilst we’re there so you can see for yourself what needs to be done.

Only last week, whilst working on a the gutters of a house in Arnold, I spotted a chimney pot that had come loose from its mounting and was looking decidedly dangerous. It wouldn’t have taken much of a storm to send it crashing down to the ground, and if you’ve seen the size of a Victorian chimney pot, it could have been disastrous. As it was, I was in the basket of our cherry picker, so within an hour the chimney was re-seated in fresh flaunching and the house is ready for some toasty fires over the winter.

If you have any blocked gutters, or roofing concerns, drop me a line and I’ll pop over. Why not have a look at our website to see what else we do!


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