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Every month we like to highlight all the great work done by all the wonderful property professionals at GO Property Services during the previous month. ‘Striving to treat every property as if it is our own’ has always been our guiding principle, so each month we like to put the spot-light on the individual that has done the most to go the extra mile for clients and really ‘treated it like their own’.

This month’s winner consistently delivers excellent customer service to both clients and colleagues alike. Here is just a sample of some of the amazing comments from colleague nominations this month:

She’s been absolutely fantastic with helping the Property Manager’s this month. Whatever the job, she’s really happy to do it and jumps on the band wagon. She’s very calm and collective and so prepared for anything you throw at her. Any call or query she treats as if it was her own property for the best for our clients and colleagues.

I’ve never heard her say no when being asked to help, she is always ready to help no matter how busy she is.

She’s a real grafter and never complains about having too much on. She’s getting my nomination this month. Things just happen without any fuss.

This month’s winner is Nicole!

‘You’re always very accommodating and helpful. Even if you are stressed inside during the busy times, it doesn’t show’, commented Lettings Manager Diane Bown. ‘You’re a real grafter and don’t shy away from any task no matter how daunting. Well done Nicole, a very well deserved win, I’m really pleased for you.’

A couple of special mentions from Diane this month too:

Thanks to Giulia who is always here past closing and coming in early to ensure the job is done and customers and properties were looked after. Your hard work and commitment are very much appreciated.

Thank you to Bali who also comes in early and stays late to get the job done but this month I was particularly impressed by her handling of some very difficult applicants who after some time consuming referencing we had to turn down due to incorrect information. She remained calm, composed and polite through it all. Good job Bali.

Thanks also to Lauren who has taken on colleagues late viewings at short notice despite having a small child to get home to and also completed a check in for a property that was not her own which resulted in her having to stay late again as they arrived very late in the day without having done any of their paperwork. Thanks Lauren for your unselfish attitude and willingness to stay to get the job done despite your personal commitments.


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