The latest property market update for landlords.

The Letting market as a whole is still pretty good but pricing is a delicate issue and £25 here or there can still make a massive difference. The results of this year’s survey bring the point home with price seemingly more important than location. The changing market over the last few years has made tenants very aware of what they can expect and Landlords need to make sure that their property is spic & span and priced correctly.

Prices in Nottingham City Centre appear to be pretty steady though there is still a little over-supply in some buildings, judging by the ‘Special Offers’ available from some agents. Smaller houses in the suburbs remain as popular as ever and if anything there is a shortage. Prices remain at around £500 to the north of the city for 2 bed properties. Apartments in the suburbs are not fairing as well with a little softening in prices over the past 12 months.

Furnished property is becoming more and more popular and is now proving easier to let than unfurnished. If you are furnishing, go the extra mile. For a little extra money you can get something that will last longer, and look better. Budget for some wall-hangings, a few lamps, curtains, and blinds - it can make all the difference. 

As ever, if you are considering purchasing anything new, feel free to give us a call and we can advise you on the potential rental return you are likely to achieve.

Any Landlords who are still looking to invest should give us a call first. We are more than happy to discuss any potential new investments and will be able to help you evaluate a property’s merits by producing up to date rental valuations and like-for-like data for the area.