Plans to expand the requirement for Co2 alarms in rental property have been announced with the intention being that it will now be compulsory for any room that has a gas appliance from October 1st 2022. 

Up until now, Co2 alarms have only been required if there is a solid fuel fire, or if there is a gas boiler in a bedroom, but the regulations are being beefed-up to include any room where there is a fire or a boiler – meaning some properties will require two alarms

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (Amendment) Regulations 2022 also include a requirement for landlords or their agents must fix or replace a faulty Co2 or Smoke alarm if it has been reported by their tenants (not including the replacement of batteries) 

Unlike smoke alarms that are required to be fitted to ceilings, Co2 alarms can be freestanding. It is our understanding that C02 alarms will be required even if a boiler is located in a loft or cellar. 

Landlords with property managed by Granger & Oaks do not need to do anything. Alarms are going to be installed and logged during property inspections in the coming months so our clients can be assure that there properties are compliant by the October 1st deadline.