Every month we like to highlight all the great work done by all the wonderful property professionals at Granger & Oaks during the previous month. ‘Treating it like our own’ has always been our guiding principle, so each month we like to put the spotlight on the individual that has done the most to go the extra mile for clients and really ‘treated it like their own’.

As ever, there have been some fantastic contributions from the team this month and everyone has really gone out of their way to help not only clients, but tenants and each other during a very busy period.

However, this month’s winner has stood out by taking on an increasing workload, helping out colleagues and receiving some great feedback from clients too. They have come on leaps and bounds and really seems to flourish under pressure.

Yes, this month’s winner of the Star Performer Award (and keeping the prize all to herself this time!) is star Apprentice Property Administrator, Abbey Renshaw. Very well done Abbey.