As the country starts to tentatively return to normal following the relaxation of Social Distancing rules, the ‘Pingdemic’ created by the Track & Trace App is  wreaking havoc with businesses large and small up & down the land.

With stories everyday of businesses having to close due to a lack of available staff we have taken the decision to change our working practises and return to working in bubbles again. This is going to mean that some things will take longer to happen, some checkouts & move-ins might have to be pushed back, and the phone sometimes won’t get answered the first time you call, but, it should mean that ultimately we can stay open if one bubble has to isolate.



In light of the current spread if the virus, we are also continuing with Social Distancing, we still require viewers to wear masks, and we will only be carrying one viewing at a time rather offering group viewings. Our office also remains closed to visitors.

We’re hopeful that we can return to normality later on in the summer, but for the moment please bear with us. Summer is our busiest time of year and we need to take all the steps we can to make sure that everybody gets moved in safely.