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Every month we like to highlight all the great work done by all the wonderful property professionals at Granger & Oaks during the previous month. ‘Treating it like our own’ has always been our guiding principle, so each month we like to put the spot-light on the individual that has done the most to go the extra mile for clients and really ‘treated it like their own’.

Everyone at Granger & Oaks is a star, but this month’s extra special star is overdue some recognition. It is very well known that this person always strives to do their best for landlords and treats every property as if it were their own, but as someone who prefers to recognise the achievements of others over themselves, the praise of others often comes first. Leading from the front, everyone is encouraged to follow her example of providing the same industry-leading customer service to clients that she does. Just one example from this month, meant a client ended up saving a small fortune whilst being kept informed at all times - something clients almost always appreciate in an industry often not well known for its communication skills.

The winner of this month’s Star Performer award as voted by her colleagues is none other than Office Manager extraordinaire, Diane Bown. Great work Di, you deserve it. Your commitment to great service and high standards is relentless and highly commendable - you’re an example to us all!

A special mention this month goes to Property Inventory and Inspection Clerk, Charlie Hoskins, after making a trip to the office on his day off to help out a landlord short notice - now that’s dedication!


Managing Director, Jonathan Detheridge, has confirmed the company's support for a national campaign which aims to fight unfair taxes for private landlords by attempting to force a Judicial Review of Section 24 of the Finance Act 2015.

'The core aim of the campaign, started by two hard working buy to let landlords is to abolish Section 24 of the Act. Every business in the UK is allowed to offset costs against income before tax, but Section 24 will disallow perfectly legitimate finance costs, including mortgage interest for individual buy to let landlords. In simple terms, the Finance Act will overturn a long held and fundamental principle in business that, income, less costs equals profit', said Jonathan.

'If Section 24 goes ahead, the impact on the UK housing market will be significant as thousands of landlords will see large increases in the percentage of tax they pay. This will inevitably have a knock-on effect, resulting in rent increases for tenants, a reluctance for landlords to invest and many landlords will consider selling their properties, especially those that are pushed into higher tax brackets when they may well not even be making a profit at all. If demand for properties falls, house builders will simply reduce supply at a time when the Government is trying to achieve the exact opposite,' continued Jonathan.

Initial fund raising for a legal team led by Cherie Blair QC to make an application to the court for a Judicial Review was extremely successful, raising £50,000 within just 8 days via CrowdJustice earlier this year. If a judge considers that the case put forward is 'arguable', a Judicial Review hearing will be granted and it will be up to a court to decide if the 'Tenant Tax' is lawful or not. If a hearing is granted, we could expect it to happen this autumn. The next part of the fundraising process has started to enable the legal team to prepare the best possible case. Granger & Oaks urges landlords and other agencies to support the campaign too. For further information or to pledge support, please visit



Every month we like to highlight all the great work done by all the wonderful property professionals at Granger & Oaks during the previous month. ‘Treating it like our own’ has always been our guiding principle, so each month we like to put the spot-light on the individual that has done the most to go the extra mile for clients and really ‘treated it like their own’.

This month’s winner has coped extremely well with the sales process, chasing solicitors, advising vendors, more chasing, dealing with some complicated sales and yes, more chasing. And all between being in and out of the office doing viewings and attending auctions, some of which were in her own time too, demonstrating another example of her commitment to ‘treating it like our own’!

Yes, this month’s winner is Sales Negotiator extraordinaire Bali ‘sold it’ Sidhu! Well done Bali, you continually go the extra mile for clients helping to get their properties ‘flying off the shelves’ in the quickest time and for the highest price.

A special mention this month goes to Senior Property Manager, Lauren Veale, for offering support and guidance to the team as and when necessary and calmly and effectively dealing with some difficult notices from tenants for the benefit of clients. A special mention also goes to Apprentice Property Administrator, Luke Jeffries, for his commitment and for making excellent progress since joining the team only a few months ago. Well done all. 

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Buy to let investors and second home purchasers drove up demand earlier in the year, as the rush to beat April's stamp duty increase took full effect - this March saw an all-time high in residential property transactions. With the referendum fast approaching though, questions are inevitably being asked about what Britain leaving the EU could mean for the housing market.

'Before any large event that can significantly affect the economy, many arguments are presented to sway voters which creates uncertainty in the market and as a result, everyone makes much more cautious decisions until the outcome is certain', commented, Director, Andrew Sainsbury. 'We saw this last year with the General Election, with a quieter period of activity in the lead up to the vote and we're seeing similar with the Referendum. If the UK was suddenly freed from EU regulations, the UK could attract more investment and the property market would inevitably benefit. Conversely, if, as expected, immigration from Europe fell following a 'leave' scenario, fewer people, would mean less demand, leading to a negative effect on property prices. There are many ifs and buts, but in the meantime we expect to see less activity in the market than is normal for June until the result is clear - roll on the 23rd June!'

In the meantime, Granger & Oaks continues to monitor individual tenancy rent levels very closely. If you're in any doubt about the enormous benefits a tenancy renewal can deliver to your bottom line, read our article on tenancy renewals from earlier in the year here.

Local tennis club, Magdala again open their doors this weekend for their annual Open Day. Sponsored by Granger & Oaks, the event gives local residents the chance to try out the club for size and see if tennis is something they wish to take-up. 

There will be competitions on the day, and the chance to try out the latest rackets and mingle with the current members. Granger & Oaks are helping promote the event, and we'd love to see you there.

LEAFLET - Magdala Tennis Club Open Day 2016