JD August 15 Crop Hi, I'm Jonathan Detheridge, Head of Granger & Oaks, and I love nothing more than helping people sell or rent their home.

To help people achieve this, we've devised a Home Saleability Report to help people realise their dreams. A Granger & Oaks Home Saleability Report gives you the low-down on what is hot, and what is not with home-buyers and renters in the area. 

Our reports are designed to pull no punches, and give you honest, up to date guidance of how saleable your home would be if you came to market tomorrow.

The report is completely free and yours to keep.

To book a Home Saleability Report, simply send me a message using the form below, and I'll call you to arrange an appointment.

I look forward to seeing you.

PS. If you want to hear from other vendors we have helped, check out our reviews on Google - they give you a really good impression of how we operate, and what to expect. 


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